Wednesday, April 04, 2018

I Need to Be More PC AF

It has come to my attention today that I can be very insulting with facts, I'm too harshly truthful. I'm told I need to hold back on stating the painfully obvious and be less ebrassive with my words. I admit I can't compromise my values in the truth, like everyone has values that can't and will never be compromised. I'm a Stevens, we put the "St" in stubborn, I know way more and too well than I'd like to know about stubborness. I'm willing to concede to the fact that I could strive to be less severe with my factualness and a little more politically correct with my personality terminology. Like instead of striking one with the name "finicky", I can congenially say that one is an "Exclusively Selective American." Instead of barking at a nut job that they're a "psychotically rabbid Neanderthal", I could politely call one instead a "Mentally Imbalanced Evolutionarily Underdeveloped American." There, isn't that much nicer and PC AF enough? 😊

Friday, October 06, 2017

Marc Nilsson: Beware of Lying Cheater

I don't usually like to air my dramas online but I've been gravely hurt, humiliated. I just want to try and heal and move on, but I have to expose this lying, cheating a$$hole for who he is. I wish someone warned me about this guy before I wasted almost three years of my time, emotions, attention and affection on him.

His name is Marc Nilsson. I have here some pics of him. He supposedly is a 37 year old man. He was born in Southampton, England and last lived in Tenerife de Santa Cruz in the Canary Islands. I just found out that he has just married a Denise Malcolm of Buffalo, New York. I confronted Marc with my knowledge of his nuptials and he had nothing to say for himself. I said most of what I had to say to him before the lying coward ran away and blocked me. Now he's Denise Malcom's lying and cheating problem. He will lure a girl in with sweet words, say he has fallen, is smitten, in love, or words like eternity, forever. A real sweet smooth talker. He will call a woman a goddess, say she is exalted. Marc will promise there's no one else, he said he was mine and only mine, his heart only belonged to me. A woman I thought just had a crush on him, a fan girl, was really his fiance. Girl I thought he didn't choose, he chose and recently made his wife.

I shouldn't have let myself get so attached and so trusting, but I did and learned a hard lesson. I was too stupid to see. So now I'm going into the holidays and new year heartbroken, instead of marking another year for Marc and I. Take heed and learn ladies. Take this as a warning, beware of Marc Nilsson! He has the face of an angel, but is a lying devil. If you want to take this warning, take this warningn, or don't and be as big a fool as I was. I just wish I had such a warning like this 3 years ago, I'd have known how to protect myself.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

9/11 10th Year Anniversary Reflection

As I reflect on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and the dark day it was, I feel that as a country we shuld counter the darkness by celebrating and embrassing our diversity. We should remember our loses with due respect and embrace our gains w/ much appreciation. My heart goes out to all those whose lives were senslessly lost 10 years ago on this day n the friends n family they had left behind. Shall we never see another horror like this again, shall we all evolve too far and too well from such barberism and learn that love, acceptance and understanding is the only way to ever peacefully coexist with eachother.

Kapolei HPD Officer Dies in Crash at Routine Traffic Stop in Ko' Olina (Commentary)

My condolences go out to the friends and family of Officer Fontes of Kapolei HPD. This scenseless tragedy is a lesson to all of us that we need to get our kids back to the simple humbleness and respect for authority. Officer Fontes death by James Dorsey Mancao makes me think of how todays youth has no respect for authority. When I was a kid, a good majority of us would have a change of demeanor when we saw police present. We'd become meek, quiet and humble little mice not wanting any negative attention from near by police, we took extra care of our behavior. Now, kids are the exact opposite, they get wild, crazy, obvious, loud, challenging and defiant. They do not want the fear the generations before had traditionally for police, kids now want to fight against it. Why cant we have a happy medium w/ police and other authorities, respect, not fear, authority w/ humbleness, reverance w/ out cowering? I do know that the for children w/ mental dissabilities, like my son, impulse control can be a very difficult thing. Add to that difficulty the pressure of knowing that police is near, the blue lights, feeling other peoples tension around them and yes, an autistic child can loose it and all heck breaks loose. That could have been the case for James Dorsey Mancao. If that is the case, then as a single mom of an autistic child I feel for the Mancao's too. It is sad that what your child has done is beyond screatches, screams, squeeles and crazy movements when he saw the police. Then again, we do not know if mental disability was the case for James Dorsey Mancao and his killing of Off Fontes could have been a volitle reaction to guilt that ends up creating more guilt.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The 9 Types of Busybodies

Growing up in a small town I have seen my fare share of busybodies. If I threw a stone I'd hit a busybody. A busybody, aka "noseylani" by most locals here or in the native Hawaiian language it is "niele", is an individual that doesn't seem to know the boundaries when it comes to "malama kuliana" or minding their own business or they just can't keep their nose out where it doesn't belong. Those who are "niele" are so for 9 different reasons, therefore there are 9 different "noseylani" types as follows:

  1) They have no life of their own, but you seem to have one. So they'll latch on to meddling into yours cuz it seems so darn interesting. This is called a "paracitic busybody." Nothing to do with Paris Hilton folks.

  2) Then there is the "narsicistic busybody" or the "pious busybody". These hollier-then-thow noseylanies always feel the need to be in control of others lives. They particularly love to bare down on to those they despise or look down at because your so darn wrong and their so self-riteously right. These busybodies feel their way is the one and only true way to live. They are the worlds saving crusader and we must all pucker up when they bend over.

  3) There are busybodies that mind the affairs of others because they feel they have no control over their own. For some very odd reason this disempowered busybody feels it much simpler to control others lives much better then their own. They seize the power-n-control moment by meddling into others lives as theirs spiral constantly out of control. These individuals I like to call the"distransferance busybody".

  4) Then there is the busybody that just needs to control the comings, goings and every breath of everyone, everything and anything around them. They feel if they relax for one second all hell will break loose. They are the hot mess we just feel a heart attack coming on just thinking about. They feel it their life calling to mind others lives because if they don't take charge nothing will be done and everyone around them doesn't know better. Everyone is irresponsible, its just written on all their faces. These rampant busybodies are what I call the "OCD busybody" aka "control-freaks".

  5) Then there are those sick and sadistic busybodies that just meddle in our lives not out of care, love nor control but just to simply f$%* with us. These are the sick dirty bastards that just want to see us pi$$ed off or squirming. They want to do us in, mess us up and over. This kind of busybodying is done by someone who isn't all there in the head (you know,one chip short of a hard drive). This is what I call the "busybody-psycho-b!%@#".

  6) Then there is the busybody who is a jealous wench. She meddles and toys with ones life because she wants what they do, have, got or are, etc. She thinks they have things either too easey or they have more then they deserve. This busybody feels that everyone either needs to be just as good or below her in this world and its her natural compulsion to knock you off the pedestal  she sees you unrightfully on in her mind. I like to call this the "green-eyed busybody". No offense to green eyed folks.

  7) Then there is the "manipulative busybody" that likes to pry into other peoples business for their own personal gaines. These sly busybody types may come across as sweet, caring, or interested folk giving you their time, care and ear, but realy their just using you. They can be using you to see what you can give them in ways of information, money, talents, abilities as well as inteligence quotient and they are not always trying to get to the core of you but sometimes your friends and family or more as well.

  8) Then there are the busybodies that do their craft out of love and concern. Their maternal core just worries all the time for everyones future, wellbeing and safety even though their medlings can prove to be more damage then good too irritating, inappropriate or over-the-top at times. These busybodies I like to call "hanai busybodies", they can also take on other titles such as "chopper moms", "smother mothers", "smother-in-law" or in the south sometimes "Madea". Hmmm hm!

  9) Then there is the garden variety lower level noseylanies that do not have the same motivations and intent as the above mentioned busybodies but is one and doesn't even know she is doing it and doesn't mean harm. She can be the old little lady next door who lives alone and has the time and curiousity to notice the business of those around them but craves the attention and has the boredom to so willingly be a reporter of that such business. As mentioned before, this busybody has no negative intentions like the above mentioned types, she doesn't even know she is being a busybody and this is an old habbit, part of her nature. You do have to watch yourself around this busybody type though. You don't want to make yourself the hottopic to this busybodys' coffee clutch or knitting circle. Just have some of her butterbrickle on her plastic covered couch and pet some of her cats as she tells you about your neighbor who forgets to shut their curtains when they jazzercise in their underware. This busybody type is known as the "nosey old biddy" or the "busybody ol grandma". The "nosey old biddy" type though can be very useful in many ways. They can tell you if your hot neighbor down the street has become single to questioning strangers lurking about in a suspicious manner.

  It's something how an old run-of-the-mill charector type can have so many different types or groups that have so many different reasonings and motives behind them. A busybody can also have trates of more then one type and can be a combo. For example, I know many older women who perfectly fits busybody type #8, "busybody ol grandma", my mom can be #7, "smother mother" or I have a building manager that has a horrible cocktail of busybodies #1-5 and 7. Everyone knows a busybody or two, or three or thousands, and they can easily fit into any type or types. As uncomfortable as they can be, some much more then others, the key is to know what you are dealing with so you can deal with them, even though while sometimes dealing with a busybody we can be too caught up in emotional reaction to clearly see what's behind all their nieleness. So...Got busybodies?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

2010 Holiday Thoughts

This year I will humbly admit that this is going to be one of our tightest Holidays in a while. I know that it is like this for many families I know and through out the US this year. So we had to grind our brain gears together to figure out this years gifts, our naughty and nice list as well as where the good deals are. I have to say that as usual Walmart rocked with good ideas, so good I had to me-gift myself with some stuff a tad and our theme for this year is "Comfort and Joy". While we try to make everyone equal in gifts, so there is no arguments on favorites, we also tried to think of practical gifts that could truley bring comfort and joy to households that we dearly know. My personal goal now is to be done with Christmas shopping and everything wrapped under my dads tree by Wednesday.

Having a Christmas where you have to be crafty and thrifty brings ones mind to places that it hasn't been before because you are not dristracting it with long hours in lines, malls and traffic, instead your mind goes to happy places of nestalgia. I just remembered recently how as a little girl I loved watching the gifts come in and accumilate under the tree. I loved counting how much everyone had, especialy for me. I loved looking at the gifts shapes, size, and of course I'd sneak a feel of its weight and rattle for its sound. I also recall noticing how as we girls got older our liking for a large present box gets traded in for the liking of a small present box as we move on from Cabbage Patch Kids and Barbies to pierced ears and cd's. I am looking forward to family visting on Christmas for the Sheraton Bowl. Who's gong to that this year? While I am not a football fan I do enjoy the festivities that surround these games and the fact that it brings family to visit us.:0)This also reminds me of fond childhood memories of Christmas gatherings with family. I would have fun eating and playing with my cousins then joyously playing with the toys Santa brought us. I loved having the family over to the house I grew up in. My cousins from my moms family would come over for the early part of the day then we'd drive down to Keaukaha to run around and play with the cousins in my dads family. Those were fun days. Yes, I am a woman who is blessed with many good cousins, actually lots of good family.

It's time for me to end my holiday ramblings and get some shut eye so I can be useful tomorrow. Please post your holiday happenings and ideas or even fond memomries or things you noticed as a child in your tweets, a reply, a comment or on your walls. I will try to maybe post this as a video later tomorrow night. Good night and have a great rest of weekend all.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to You All and Here Are Some Thanksgiving Laughs

Wishing all of you a very happy, safe and fun Thanksgiving. What are you alll doing tomorrow? I'm going to celebrate with my son, some family friends and family at my moms place in Kaimuki.

Happy Spanksgiving Turkey

Happy Spanksgiving yah naughty nibblers! Hehe. Gobble, gobble, wobble, wobble!

Happy Tofurkey day to all you vegans out there!

This is so cute I had to post Old Navy’s promo video “The Gobble” again. It's like a Thanksgiving "Para-Para". LOL. Post some videos of you guys doing this dance for me please.

To all you pilgrims in the hood!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Favorite Hillywood Show Parodies

I have here the new and latest Hillywood Show masterpiece “Eclipse Parody” along with other favorite parodies from the Hindi sisters. Two girls, one camera and tons of fun and quality parodies. I’m a big Hillywood Show fan.

HALLELULIAJAH it's the HILLYWOOD SHOW'S ECLIPSE PARODY. Looks like my votes on paid off. The Hindi sisters really out did themselves this time. I love the music, costumes, choreography and more. I especially liked the wolf pack. Whoever can identify the singers of the other two boy versions of “Bad Romance please comment or message me it. Thanks.

Flashback! Remember the Hillywood Show's New Moon Parody? I loved every minute of it. A it’s bit of Twilight heaven.

Very old flashback that started it all for me! The Hillywood Show's first 'Twilight' Parody

Hello daddy, hello mom. Imma hahahahahahaha HILLY BOMB!

Not Team Edward, not Team Jacob. Just Team Hillywood! Hanna and Hilly Hindi from LV,NV presents 'The Dark Knight'. I love the choreography and music mix in this one.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Election 2010

As I reflect on this past election I come to the realization that this year there was more mudslinging on tv then a Louisiana Bayou. Yeah you Dijou!.... JK. JK. All kidding aside, as we head out of elections and towards a holiday of giving thanks, I feel we should give thanks to having another election day. I will admit that I had a friend who lives in a country where elections days are not like ones we have here. For America election days mean possibly a day off, with beaches, bbq's, campaign parties, fun family trips to the polls, etc. In other countries election days take an unfortunate turn to riots, gun shots, tear gas, just chaotic street violence. Wheather your candidate won or lost, you are a candidate that won or lost or you just remained curled up in bed like a little mole, be greatful for our peaceful and wonderful election days. Pray for those who live where they have such unfortunate election days so they may know such bliss too someday soon.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kanye West's Full-Length Movie "Runaway" and Much More

HEY EVERYBODY IT'S THE NEW KANYE WEST MINI FILM "RUNAWAY". It's beautifuly well done with music that will make you shake your booties. It's 30 minutes but I feel it's a wonderful way to promote West's new album, "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" which hits in November. Looks like another Kanye CD I'll be getting. YOU GO KANYE!

I thought I'd include more videos that I like from Kanye West. He is one of my favorite artist around. I'll of course add more videos of his as time goes by.

Now apparently Kanye more then made up for the shortness with this video by making “Runaway” because this video called “Power” is very short.

Kanye West films this video on Kauai where he owns a home now. That explains a lot of he inter-island flight sightings I hear about him.

Looks like Kanye teamed with Valdemort for this video.

This video makes me think of "Sin City".

I love the cartoon age in this vid.

Talk about a killer video. Ha-ha.

This song makes me think of “The Hangover”.

Kanye and T-Pain make a perfect collaboration.

This video has the late Anna Nicole in it. I love the crazy funkiness of Kanye’s older videos.

This video is cool and it has Pamela Anderson Lee guest staring in it.

Dion from “Clueless” is in this. I like the security x-ray scene in this video.

I've considered the career option of a gold digger. Hmmmm.... JK.

This is a good sing along.

This old fave always gets stuck in my head every now and then.

I love this cute cartoon of a video. I believe that the cartoonist for this video is well known in Japan.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Flight Attendance Dance through Entire Safety Demo

Cabu Pacific Air flight attendance dance the entire pre-flight safety demo to Lady Gagas' "Just Dance" and Katy Perrys' "California Girls". Talk about upping the bar in in-flight entertainment. It's adorable and funny

Sunday, September 19, 2010

True Blood Season 3 Postmortem Faves

I have here and below some "Post Mortem" videos made as post show minisodes to go along with one of my most favorite TV shows around "True Blood". Some of these are played after the show, some of these you can only find online. I meant to post this the night of the season finally, like similar posts I did on my Facebook page that night, but I‘m sorry I‘ve been busy this past week with things like studying and what not. Wish the season was longer. Warning though, these videos, like "True Blood" itself is very much adult, not for kids nor the squeamish. We are talking blood, guts and sum nudity. Enjoy folks.

I wonder what Jacob Black would think of this?....

Alicide and Coot are HOT. I believe that Patrick Swayze's little brother is the werewolf Sam. Jessica kills him as you can see in the memorial video.

Vampire spills some secrets of his kind.

I like me some Viking vampire!

True Blood only drinker (Ahem!) Nan Flanagan of the AVL and Lafayette’s boyfriend, I mean Rep. David Finch.

Bill and Lorena: Bloody love and devotion for 145 years and no longer going strong.

Thank you True Blood! Now I know what to do when under a werewolf attack.

OMG RUSSELL IS TRULEY MAD!!!!.... Warning: Has blood, guts, violence and some nudity. Not for the kiddies and squeamish. I love the end of this video.

Wanted: Russell Edgington..... Hell have no fury like a psychotic vampire scorn!

Good gravy Rev. Steve Newland just shut up and "meet" my sun!(grabs own butt)

Sookie the half fairy hybrid human southern waitress of Bon Temps? Hmmmm.

In memorial of all who have passed in True Blood. I know that I will especially miss Gran.