Sunday, September 19, 2010

True Blood Season 3 Postmortem Faves

I have here and below some "Post Mortem" videos made as post show minisodes to go along with one of my most favorite TV shows around "True Blood". Some of these are played after the show, some of these you can only find online. I meant to post this the night of the season finally, like similar posts I did on my Facebook page that night, but I‘m sorry I‘ve been busy this past week with things like studying and what not. Wish the season was longer. Warning though, these videos, like "True Blood" itself is very much adult, not for kids nor the squeamish. We are talking blood, guts and sum nudity. Enjoy folks.

I wonder what Jacob Black would think of this?....

Alicide and Coot are HOT. I believe that Patrick Swayze's little brother is the werewolf Sam. Jessica kills him as you can see in the memorial video.

Vampire spills some secrets of his kind.

I like me some Viking vampire!

True Blood only drinker (Ahem!) Nan Flanagan of the AVL and Lafayette’s boyfriend, I mean Rep. David Finch.

Bill and Lorena: Bloody love and devotion for 145 years and no longer going strong.

Thank you True Blood! Now I know what to do when under a werewolf attack.

OMG RUSSELL IS TRULEY MAD!!!!.... Warning: Has blood, guts, violence and some nudity. Not for the kiddies and squeamish. I love the end of this video.

Wanted: Russell Edgington..... Hell have no fury like a psychotic vampire scorn!

Good gravy Rev. Steve Newland just shut up and "meet" my sun!(grabs own butt)

Sookie the half fairy hybrid human southern waitress of Bon Temps? Hmmmm.

In memorial of all who have passed in True Blood. I know that I will especially miss Gran.

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