Friday, August 27, 2010

I Love Andrea Feczko's "Hot Mess"!

I dont know much about The Real Housewives of New Jersey but I do like to know about a good Hot Mess by Andrea Feczko every Thursday. So, anybody know about any new "hot messes" of interest? I'm going to try and post a new episode from her series every Thursday at least here and in my myspace bulletins as well as Facebook page cuz I love e some hot messes.

"Hot Mess #10"....Lilo and Hilty, what the pantiless posse go and do now?

AF's "Hot Mess" #11...."One if these aren't quite together and one of these things aren't quitethe same!"

Andrea Feczko's "Hot Mess" goes back to school. Gotta keep the kiddies in check!

Here’s some older hot mess post!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gaga meets "Office Space"

This is when Gaga meets "Office Space." Lady Gaga actualy posted this link on her twitter and myspace. She's aparently proud of this "Telephone" parody gone corprate. I dont blame her cuz I like it too.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Anybody Got a Friend Like This?

Any of you have a friend like this in your group? Any of you have one of those girlfriends that are hot, sexy or gorgeous enough that you notice that when she goes out with you or anybody else you all get the best of everything? By best of everything I mean by best of service, freebies left and right, you get put at the front of the line at places and free cover charge or desserts, etc. Well, I've had girlfriends like that and I think my sis and I have found a new gf like this recently. What gets me is these little hotties are so adorably unaware of this, and its so obvious to us common or well, for me, plain folk. So yes, these girls are first on my speed dial to go out. let the VIP service begin!

Why Do I Always Have to Have a Psycho Landlady in My Life?

Ugh! I gotta get ready for my gazillionth apartment inspection with my crazy landlady. So I have to spend my sons birthday weekend getting my apartment spick and span, enough to eat off my floor. And may I add, in all this horrible heat too. Oh joy!.... NOT!.... Why do I have such a curse as a psycho landlady? Dear Lord, why can't this bored PITA of a woman just simply occupy herself with a very long walk off a very short peer. Is it the great divines way of keeping me unspoiled in life? Well I gotta say, the message went above and beyond in being very clear. Its in f!@#$%& HD! Is this PITA of a woman in my world to give me constant reminders that life is not at all fair? Then I have to say, the universe has gone over and beyond the call of duty in this life lesson. Is this odd stalker of a creature present in my life to help me take note and appreciate the good, sane people I have in my life? Then again, the message is head splittingly loud and clear over and beyond the call of duty divine being!