Sunday, December 12, 2010

2010 Holiday Thoughts

This year I will humbly admit that this is going to be one of our tightest Holidays in a while. I know that it is like this for many families I know and through out the US this year. So we had to grind our brain gears together to figure out this years gifts, our naughty and nice list as well as where the good deals are. I have to say that as usual Walmart rocked with good ideas, so good I had to me-gift myself with some stuff a tad and our theme for this year is "Comfort and Joy". While we try to make everyone equal in gifts, so there is no arguments on favorites, we also tried to think of practical gifts that could truley bring comfort and joy to households that we dearly know. My personal goal now is to be done with Christmas shopping and everything wrapped under my dads tree by Wednesday.

Having a Christmas where you have to be crafty and thrifty brings ones mind to places that it hasn't been before because you are not dristracting it with long hours in lines, malls and traffic, instead your mind goes to happy places of nestalgia. I just remembered recently how as a little girl I loved watching the gifts come in and accumilate under the tree. I loved counting how much everyone had, especialy for me. I loved looking at the gifts shapes, size, and of course I'd sneak a feel of its weight and rattle for its sound. I also recall noticing how as we girls got older our liking for a large present box gets traded in for the liking of a small present box as we move on from Cabbage Patch Kids and Barbies to pierced ears and cd's. I am looking forward to family visting on Christmas for the Sheraton Bowl. Who's gong to that this year? While I am not a football fan I do enjoy the festivities that surround these games and the fact that it brings family to visit us.:0)This also reminds me of fond childhood memories of Christmas gatherings with family. I would have fun eating and playing with my cousins then joyously playing with the toys Santa brought us. I loved having the family over to the house I grew up in. My cousins from my moms family would come over for the early part of the day then we'd drive down to Keaukaha to run around and play with the cousins in my dads family. Those were fun days. Yes, I am a woman who is blessed with many good cousins, actually lots of good family.

It's time for me to end my holiday ramblings and get some shut eye so I can be useful tomorrow. Please post your holiday happenings and ideas or even fond memomries or things you noticed as a child in your tweets, a reply, a comment or on your walls. I will try to maybe post this as a video later tomorrow night. Good night and have a great rest of weekend all.

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