Thursday, November 04, 2010

Election 2010

As I reflect on this past election I come to the realization that this year there was more mudslinging on tv then a Louisiana Bayou. Yeah you Dijou!.... JK. JK. All kidding aside, as we head out of elections and towards a holiday of giving thanks, I feel we should give thanks to having another election day. I will admit that I had a friend who lives in a country where elections days are not like ones we have here. For America election days mean possibly a day off, with beaches, bbq's, campaign parties, fun family trips to the polls, etc. In other countries election days take an unfortunate turn to riots, gun shots, tear gas, just chaotic street violence. Wheather your candidate won or lost, you are a candidate that won or lost or you just remained curled up in bed like a little mole, be greatful for our peaceful and wonderful election days. Pray for those who live where they have such unfortunate election days so they may know such bliss too someday soon.

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