Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy I Phone and Eclipse Day!

Happy I Phone 4 and Eclipse day everyone! Which lines are you guys standing in or is it a split team thing for you today? I know I'm in camp Eclipse tonight. Thanks to the internet this princess didn't have to camp overnight for tikets. I'm just going a little early to get a good seat and win prizes. Ill try and post vids and pics of Jerms Ukulele concert earlier tonight and the Eclipse festivities later.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Eclipse Premiere Party Vids & Pics

These are the vids I promised yesterday, the pics are in my Myspace and Facebook galleries. First 2 vids are of me running around, mingling and taking in the sights at the Eclipse premiere party at Oceans808 on 6/26/10. It was fun, full of games, prizes, food, drinks and fellow Twihards. Third vid was of the costume contest, I realy liked, Aros Wife (Dana of Twilighters Hawaii) but I also liked Birthday Bella who won. I won the Eclipse book trivia contest and got invited to hang with Twilighters Hawaii sometime. Last vid was right after the Eclipse party of me and my frend Sher walking back to my car after a late birthday dinner in front of the Waikiki Trade Center. I was enjoying the uniformed sights and share was protecting them from me. LOL

Went to the 808Twilighters Eclipse Premiere Party & It and the Whole Weekend Was Wonderful.

The Eclipse premiere party was excellent. It was filled with good themed dishes, drinks, games, prizes and comradery. I got to win the Eclipse book trivia contest, hang with fellow Twihards and let my Twigeek side hangout, I got invited to hang with Twilighters Hawaii sometime as well as dance the night away all before the evening ended. I had time to spend some time with my girl Sher for her birthday in Waikiki too. This weekend got to be full and good, full of good family, old friends as well as new ones. Full of good activities, situations as well as company. Like all good things though, this good weekend has come to an end and I am feeling it. I took some videos and pics as I promised and I will try to post them tomorrow. I will also slowly work on personal messages for some of you starting tomorrow. Im too happily exhausted to post them right now. This ol gal needs some sleep. Goodnight folks and sleep tight.

3 more days before Eclipse!