Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kanye West's Full-Length Movie "Runaway" and Much More

HEY EVERYBODY IT'S THE NEW KANYE WEST MINI FILM "RUNAWAY". It's beautifuly well done with music that will make you shake your booties. It's 30 minutes but I feel it's a wonderful way to promote West's new album, "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" which hits in November. Looks like another Kanye CD I'll be getting. YOU GO KANYE!

I thought I'd include more videos that I like from Kanye West. He is one of my favorite artist around. I'll of course add more videos of his as time goes by.

Now apparently Kanye more then made up for the shortness with this video by making “Runaway” because this video called “Power” is very short.

Kanye West films this video on Kauai where he owns a home now. That explains a lot of he inter-island flight sightings I hear about him.

Looks like Kanye teamed with Valdemort for this video.

This video makes me think of "Sin City".

I love the cartoon age in this vid.

Talk about a killer video. Ha-ha.

This song makes me think of “The Hangover”.

Kanye and T-Pain make a perfect collaboration.

This video has the late Anna Nicole in it. I love the crazy funkiness of Kanye’s older videos.

This video is cool and it has Pamela Anderson Lee guest staring in it.

Dion from “Clueless” is in this. I like the security x-ray scene in this video.

I've considered the career option of a gold digger. Hmmmm.... JK.

This is a good sing along.

This old fave always gets stuck in my head every now and then.

I love this cute cartoon of a video. I believe that the cartoonist for this video is well known in Japan.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Flight Attendance Dance through Entire Safety Demo

Cabu Pacific Air flight attendance dance the entire pre-flight safety demo to Lady Gagas' "Just Dance" and Katy Perrys' "California Girls". Talk about upping the bar in in-flight entertainment. It's adorable and funny