Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Favorite Summer Songs of 2010 part 1

I'm just posting some favorite songs of mine from this summer being we just had the official end of summer weekend. I guess I’m in a musical reminiscent mood. Some songs I might already had posted in the past, some I have not yet. BOOTY BOUNCIN TIME HOLLA!

The avis cyrus really can’t be tamed. LOL

You can never go wrong with Gaga. Thank goodness for good waxing. Haha. No realy, I’m a big Gaga fan.

Flo Rida always has upbeat danceable songs.

I love the base in this song. This song makes me want to shake my a$$.

At first I thought it was just tequila and glitter that kept her waking up then sticking her head in the sh^&&*$ and she would brush her teeth with a bottle of Jack. Now I'm thinking girl drops acid too. Nah, JK. This vid is cute.

I like this version a tad more then the original one. Makes me wanna shake my fat a$$.

Neato video, wish it was for the whole song.

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