Saturday, August 07, 2010

Why Do I Always Have to Have a Psycho Landlady in My Life?

Ugh! I gotta get ready for my gazillionth apartment inspection with my crazy landlady. So I have to spend my sons birthday weekend getting my apartment spick and span, enough to eat off my floor. And may I add, in all this horrible heat too. Oh joy!.... NOT!.... Why do I have such a curse as a psycho landlady? Dear Lord, why can't this bored PITA of a woman just simply occupy herself with a very long walk off a very short peer. Is it the great divines way of keeping me unspoiled in life? Well I gotta say, the message went above and beyond in being very clear. Its in f!@#$%& HD! Is this PITA of a woman in my world to give me constant reminders that life is not at all fair? Then I have to say, the universe has gone over and beyond the call of duty in this life lesson. Is this odd stalker of a creature present in my life to help me take note and appreciate the good, sane people I have in my life? Then again, the message is head splittingly loud and clear over and beyond the call of duty divine being!

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