Monday, June 28, 2010

Eclipse Premiere Party Vids & Pics

These are the vids I promised yesterday, the pics are in my Myspace and Facebook galleries. First 2 vids are of me running around, mingling and taking in the sights at the Eclipse premiere party at Oceans808 on 6/26/10. It was fun, full of games, prizes, food, drinks and fellow Twihards. Third vid was of the costume contest, I realy liked, Aros Wife (Dana of Twilighters Hawaii) but I also liked Birthday Bella who won. I won the Eclipse book trivia contest and got invited to hang with Twilighters Hawaii sometime. Last vid was right after the Eclipse party of me and my frend Sher walking back to my car after a late birthday dinner in front of the Waikiki Trade Center. I was enjoying the uniformed sights and share was protecting them from me. LOL

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