Thursday, April 02, 2009

Jury Duty Kills the 13th Amendment Pt 2

Well, I was right, these guys are very desperate for jurors, before you know it Honolulu county will be pulling them from Wal Mart. Is this Joy P. Nyehara person acts like she and the court she represents does not care who comes into they're court room and how then I will behave like I truly do too, I DON'T CARE! As I say, you get what you pay for, that's what's up here. They must not only be desperate for jurors but for court room drama and antics of people expressing themselves to get out from what my rejection letter sounds like. Oh well, my jury duty journals begins guys. My views may not be most popular through out all of america but this is just how I feel and me being me. Well I can imagine how interesting it will be for me to be knodding off through everything because of the vicodin im on for my back. Lol. That fall was nasty. Ill keep you kids posted.

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