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The Bodies Exhibit- Why I' Boycotting It.

The Bodies Exhibit- Why Im Boycotting It
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Aloha everyone. I was driving from my sisters apartment late tonight to Keaumoku Walmart and to my deep dismay I saw the "Bodies" exhibit by Premiere Exhibits next to the new Nordstroms at Ala Moana Shopping Ctr. I thought too myself how could they fu(^!%@ do that, especialy with the growing chinese imigrant population here, what a slap in the face. Well, I did realise that yes, this exhibit is in major cities and we are one of the biggest major cities in the US now, so this was bound to happen.
I am not known to be too passionate about things and im not big on the whole boycotting bandwagon. I get scolded by friends and family about how un-pc(politicly correct) I can be and how naughty I am everytime I shop at Starbucks and Walmart being what I know about these companies. I don't use my ecobags enough for what they should be properly used for enough. When it comes to the "Bodies" exhibit, the knowledge of how the cadavers on display are unethicaly harvested and what putting money into this company realy funds I am passionately boycotting. I vowed my son and I wuld boycott this exhibit store wherever we went because the "Bodies" exhibit gets they're displayed cadavers from injustly executed prisoners from China. I saw a documentary on this issue. It had some graphic photage taken secretly by a delivery man from the clinic that picks up the bodies from the prisons,it was of the swift executions and it was heart breacking. I say injustly inprisoned because we are talking about a place where you are given a death sentence, shot at the prisons backdoor,no trial,no jury of peers, nothing. Imagine being hauled off then shot in the head just for uttering banned words in speech, email or writting, such as freedom, or liberty. My skin especialy crawled when I saw the display of a young pregnant womans body. We know how tough things are in regards to the laws and justice system for young women and reproduction issues in China. If you read the news or know people from there you know things can be terrifying and can imagine the horrible way which this young womans pregnant body was aquired for such a display. When management from Premiere Exhibits were confronted with this issue during interview for the documentary, they said they trust the clinic in China they do business with and that all the cadavers they purchase died of natural causes and were registered organ doners that gave they're permission while alive. When investiagted, it was found that the part of China these bodies came from do not have such things as organ doner registries, there were no living wills stating the deceased donation, the body were not even identified and registered with the clinic in anyway. They were no names, just brought in from the local jailhouse for the prepping.
Don't get me wrong, I buy products from China as much as the next guy around here, because I believe everyone needs an economy, they need to live no matter how f'd up they're leaders may be. We Americans in ways can kind of relate. Haha! I am not prejudice against Chinese people, I myself am the decendent of a chinese imigrant on my dads side of the tree and in a way would not exsist if it wasn't for an adventurous Cantonese man. This explains sistahs bit of lactose intolerance, my nack for driving a hard bargain, my nose and my hair. I just don't agree in the countries political practices and how these siliconised bodies came to be one of the worlds most renouned exhibit shows. Im just letting you guys know that if we go out and you all feel like hitting this exhibit up, I can not find it in my heart to enter those doors, I moraly couldn't give them my $26. It is your own choice and free will to patronise this business or not, but I will be the ol gal waiting outside for you bent over and toggling on her sidekick. Like I said, I can't go to the "Bodies" exhibit, it fuels money to a government where people are incarserated for injust reasons and executed in a horrific way.
When I first learned about "Bodies" my son and I thought the exhibit cool, you can see an exhibit in the OO7 movie "Casino Royale". I thought it ok because these people probably decided they wanted to go in style, they're remains will be in this neato exhibit. When I found out that this wasn't the case it wasn't cool. I have enclosed below some links for articles about this exhibit so you can realy know what missy here is bantering on about. Have a good week sweeties. XX0XX0- Ginger

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